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AirIn Technologies provides advisory and consulting services throughout the entire satellite payload life cycle.

We facilitate initial R&D, discuss and match requirements, and enable testing. We also complete anomaly resolution and work with operations.


Our projects include modular and reusable software and hardware designs and utilization of open source resources.

We use commercial cloud infrastructure to provide innovative, cost effective solutions to a variety of projects across civil and commercial space.


AirIn Technologies has consulted for numerous civil and commercial agencies to develop innovative solutions across the satellite and payload life cycle.

Who We Are

AirIn Technologies has more than a decade of experience with systems engineering and test & evaluation support for satellite payload systems.

All of AirIn's core technical team members have advanced graduate degrees in electrical engineering backed with many years of experience.

The AirIn team has diverse and expanding expertise in:

  • digital communications,
  • advanced signal processing and detection,
  • phased array and array processing,
  • geo-location,
  • RF receiver design,
  • antenna modeling and design,
  • electromagnetic propagation,
  • computational electromagnetics,
  • and machine learning.

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